My investment portfolio consists of stocks, ETFs, loans (mostly P2P), gold & silver, crypto currencies and rental apartments. Here I mostly follow my stock portfolio and P2P lending portfolio. My rental apartments generate pretty steady cashflow so I don’t actively track them. Here you can find the latest graphs and more details you can find from the latest portfolio update which I write nearly every month.

Nordnet stock portfolio

I keep my stocks in Nordnet and you can follow real time updates on their social platform Shareville.

Peer-to-peer lending portfolio

Portfolio value over time. Defaults are potential losses that have not yet realized. This includes capital invested in scammy platforms. Loss is deducted from the portfolio value when collection efforts have been exhausted and possible bankruptcy proceedings have completed i.e. when it becomes tax deductible loss.

Investment value spread across platforms. This includes capital at risk due to default or fraud

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

– Napoleon Hill
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